Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ocean 98.5 FM's Ugliest Bathroom

  Of all the bathroom's submitted into The Ocean 98.5 FM's Ugly Bathroom Contest, it was finally decided and here it is!  One of the ugliest bathroom on Vancouver Island will be getting a spectacular makeover worth over $18,000!  All thanks to the generous contributions by The Ocean 98.5 fm, Goodison Construction, Illuminations Lighting Solutions, Jason Good Custom Cabinets, Stoneage Marble & Granite, Jenny Martin Design, & Victoria Specialty Hardware.

   The light fixtures, unfortunately are not efficient.  There is a single light tucked in the far corner of the room and a track light above the vanity, which is not ideal for shaving or putting on makeup.  There is good natural light coming into the space with 3 completely different sized windows, all of different ages and conditions: 1 really old and tiny, 1 medium sized sort of older glass block window that is becoming very mouldy, and 1 large operable window in good condition.

  The tile in the tub shower have seen better days and will get a complete overhaul including new floor tiles, new accent tiles and addressing any issues with mould.

 All the millwork will be replaced and kept consistent in terms of style and material.  According to the lovely owners, Abbie and Dave, storage is a major issue while trying to keep it out of hands reach from their little crawling toddler.  The vanity will also have a new stone countertop.

 Plumbing fixtures need a major upgrade.  No more shell toilet lid!!!!

   Be sure to check in as we progress in this dramatic transformation!  We are very very excited to share our concept and finish schemes in the next few days!