Friday, December 10, 2010


“I’m dreaming of a white kitchen…”


Who can deny the beauty of a white cabinet landscape?  Not only is it a timeless look, it’s a perfect canvas to showcase your culinary art.  White kitchens are a classic, everlasting scheme that most anyone can appreciate.  They can exude luxury and elegance when using opulent finishes like marble, quartz, glass, and painted millwork. 


However, if you opt for a casual approach, you might choose the classic subway tile, laminate or wood countertops, and tile flooring.


Because white is the ultimate diverse colour, you can enhance your cabinets with small details to create a traditional feel.  Elements such as corbels, glass mullions, and crown moulding are certainly a great place to start. 

 If it is a contemporary aesthetic you desire, choose a simple moulding without bevelled edges; perhaps a waterfall countertop edge is appropriate, and don’t forget to add a few high contrasting elements.

Modern Kitchen Bar Stools Design Ideas

No matter what your design concept or budget, a glamorous white kitchen is always on the menu!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Not your Grandmother's wallpaper...

Wallpapers have come a long way in design, environmental impact, and functionality.  Fortunately for us we get to see first hand all of the new and innovative products available. This is a perfect platform for us to share with you the amazing developments in the wall covering world. 

From large scale patterns to intriguing colour combinations, wall paper can truly be the inspiration and starting point to any well designed space. Not only are they a brilliant way to express your personal style, but they are highly versatile in the role they play.  

Perhaps your choice is obviously bold and the center of attention, or it could be the subtle texture or print that gives your room a composed and comfortable atmosphere. 

Instead of feeling nauseas the next time someone mentions “wallpaper”, think twice before tossing the idea out with last nights leftovers.  With a little direction, you just might find the perfect paper treatment to completely transform the drab, forgotten room in your home.  

Move over paint; wallpaper is back!

Pictured top to bottom:
Arte - Antelope Series
Joanne Fabrics - Euphoria
Sandpiper Studios - Villa D'Este
Carl Robinson - Addington Cork
Arte - Saga II

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jenny Martin Design takes home 4 Awards at the 2010 Care Awards

The team at Jenny Martin Design took home 4 Care Awards at this years award ceremony at The Empress Hotel. Queenswood won 3 silvers for Best Renovation, Best Kitchen and Best Bathroom under 125sf. Arabella took home GOLD for Best Bathroom over 125sf.

Pictured left to right: Jenny Martin, Julia Musial, and Sarah Ellwood.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Queenswood - Kitchen Reno Wins Silver Care Award

By removing the wall diving the kitchen and dining room we were able to create a open concept with lots of light. The kitchen cabinets were painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White which was carried onto the ceiling and trim throughout the house. The island was stained a deep espresso. The counter-tops were done in a quartz sand/tan tone mirroring the tone of the floor tile. Built in shelves were added in the dining Room to create a drybar. The fabric barrel shades add texture and elegance. Built in seating was also added in the breakfast nook which also doubles as extra storage.

Living Room (Before and After)

The dated living room was transformed from a dingy dated space to an inviting space for entertaining. The existing fireplace was removed and a new contemporary unit was relocated on the adjacent wall. Millwork units were added on either side of the fireplace to further enhance the focal point while creating symmetry and balance. Integral lighting was added within each of the shelves to highlight artwork and accessories by creating pools of light
and warmth.

Queenswood reno Wins 3 Silver Care Awards

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Great Hardwood Debate

This is our first entry in a long time; so where does one begin in this rapidly progressing world of design? Perhaps a good start is at the foundation of any well composed room…the floor.

There are many applications of flooring and we’ve come along way from the dirt and dung surfaces of early homes. Some of us have even moved passed the Middle Ages and no longer throw household waste on the floor to be trampled down. Luckily our world has evolved and the options for flooring are plentiful. Products like stone and porcelain tile, concrete, wood, cork, laminate, vinyl, and carpet are the key players today. Of course we’ll keep you updated with new products as the industry is ever changing, but for now let’s keep it simple and start with the ever looming question...

To hardwood or not to hardwood?

Hardwood flooring will stand the test of time. It is durable and with proper care and maintenance, vacuum and polish, this floor will serve you well. If you are ready for a d├ęcor change, it can be sanded and re-stained. Since hardwood is solid wood, it can be sanded without the worry of a thin veneer like engineered hardwood. Hardwood can be initially a cheaper product, with the exception of exotic woods, than its engineered counterparts. If you want to boost the appeal of your home for re-sale, hardwood can elevate the value and be a great selling feature.

The installation of hardwood can cost more than the engineered wood. It requires glue and nail-down application and is not available in the click & lock installation method. So, labour often becomes more expensive or equal to engineered flooring in the end. Also, most condos do not allow hardwood in the strata complex. It can be noisy for downstairs neighbours as it is applied directly to sub floor without a noise muffling under pad. Another issue is the island climate. Moisture and humidity doesn’t always play nice with hardwood. It has a tendency to flex and bow as we go through the seasons. Also, some species of hardwood can be quite soft. There are many species available, but the softer woods will show scratches and scuffs from pets, children, and everyday use. It can also fade and stain easier than other flooring types, so maintenance is certainly required to keep it looking beautiful.

Choosing the right flooring for your room is crucial and plays a major role in the overall look and feel of the space. It is an important surface in any area as it will ground the room and act as a base canvas for the rest of the materials to come. Like any product there are pros and cons. I do not want to convince you either way, but merely give you the facts and guide you to a final decision depending on your individual project.

(Picture shown above is a recent JMD completed project and is nominated for a 2010 CHBA Care Award)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sneak Peak

I'm really happy with how this turned out, its bold and dramatic while still simple and coastal. We used a slab door with a quartered walnut veneer stained in a deep black walnut which balanced with the Carrara quartz countertop by Zodiac. We used sinks by Duravit to create symmetry which we emphasized with wall mounted faucets by blu. The chromatherapy or "colour therapy" bathtub adds to the spa experience.