Friday, December 3, 2010

Not your Grandmother's wallpaper...

Wallpapers have come a long way in design, environmental impact, and functionality.  Fortunately for us we get to see first hand all of the new and innovative products available. This is a perfect platform for us to share with you the amazing developments in the wall covering world. 

From large scale patterns to intriguing colour combinations, wall paper can truly be the inspiration and starting point to any well designed space. Not only are they a brilliant way to express your personal style, but they are highly versatile in the role they play.  

Perhaps your choice is obviously bold and the center of attention, or it could be the subtle texture or print that gives your room a composed and comfortable atmosphere. 

Instead of feeling nauseas the next time someone mentions “wallpaper”, think twice before tossing the idea out with last nights leftovers.  With a little direction, you just might find the perfect paper treatment to completely transform the drab, forgotten room in your home.  

Move over paint; wallpaper is back!

Pictured top to bottom:
Arte - Antelope Series
Joanne Fabrics - Euphoria
Sandpiper Studios - Villa D'Este
Carl Robinson - Addington Cork
Arte - Saga II

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