Thursday, September 15, 2011

Barn Doors

Barn doors have come a long way.  What once were used more commonly for the exterior doors of a shed, stable, barn or warehouse, barn doors have become an architectural and functional trend within an interior space.

In today's design, the barn door concept has evolved to include a wide range of styles and materials plus a variety of different hardware. Whether you aim to achieve a traditional farmhouse look or a super modern sleek look, you can achieve any style to suit your space.

The barn door, or shall we now refer to it as the sliding door allows an efficient use of space because it requires no swing.  We see more sliding doors for small spaces particularly in new condominiums where functional space-saving is critical in the design.

The best thing about sliding doors is that they can be utilized in any space.  We particularly enjoy them for small bathrooms, tight closets, and messy offices.  They can also be used as a feature in a room or be cleverly disguised in the backdrop.

If you are planning on incorporating a sliding door in your space, make sure you have clearance above the door opening for your hardware.  Also be aware that adequate space beside the opening is required to allow the door to be open fully.  This doesn't mean that you can't put anything on that part of the wall!  You can still place furniture a few inches off from the wall as well as hang artwork.


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  2. I like the photo of the rest room having sliding glass doors, frosted glass is perfect to this place.