Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Breathe Living Wall by DIRTT

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking to Gail Tyshynski from DIRTT Environmental Solutions Ltd. about some of the latest new products and added features.  A particular item which we were especially excited about was the concept of the Breathe Living Wall.

 Although the concept behind living walls have existed since the late 80's when Patrick Blanc created the first green wall at the Museum of Science and Industry of Paris, DIRTT presents a new concept that is by far the easiest and most straight forward we have come across.
Source: Wikipedia

Creating a green wall in an interior space is beneficial in many ways.  Plants create a pleasant aesthetic quality to a space, they help filter the air, and they also provide means to reusing water.

DIRTT's Breathe can be effortlessly mounted to the tile layers of walls or retrofitted onto existing DIRTT walls.  They can also be mounted to any flat surface including gypsum, stone, tile, etc, as long as lighting and other vital factors for the survival of plants are provided.

The plant pots provided by Breathe come in 3 sizes: 6 x 6", 3 x 6", and 3 x 3".   Each pot has a connected trough where the water runs along and is wicked up to each individual pot.  Depending on the requirements, the number of wicks (up to 4) determines how much water each plant can intake.  The plants can be watered through a hose or with a watering can and for larger configerations that make this method difficult, a device called the Water Boy by DIRTT is used to fill the troughs.

We are excited to try this system out in an indoor space, perhaps even in our own space sometime!  According to Gail, it is a fraction of the cost to other means of creating a green wall.  The simplicity and versatility make Breathe an item we are certain to promote.

For more information on DIRTT's Breathe Living Walls, contact Gail Tyshynski at 250.216.4352.

DIRTT (Doing It Right This Time) creates amazing wall systems that can be used for different spaces including offices, hospitals, retail or even in restaurants.  They are produced using minimal materials, create minimal waste and have the ability to adapt to many ongoing changes of a business.  DIRTT continue to create the highest quality of products that are not only aesthetically appealing but extremely agile.  If you plan on having a space that is sure to require some reconfiguring in the future, be sure to check out DIRTT.

Thank you Gail for providing us with great information and wonderful photos!

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