Monday, February 6, 2012

JMD's Favorite Picks! : Chairs

 The Chair:

 Typically found in the living room, it is commonly used to perch oneself in a social setting or perhaps to enjoy reading in, knitting in or napping in.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, fabrics and materials, as well as patterns and colours.  The chair, in any space serves as a functional piece, however, in the living room it can also make a design statement.

1950's Chair

Chairs have certainly come a long way in terms of design.  During the early 18th Century, craftsman or upholsterers created splendid pieces of furniture with fine details and incredible skills.  These and many artisans marked each era with characteristics in furniture that we continue to see today.

Louis XV Chair

Detail that we don't see as much in furniture today

Over the centuries and even within each decade, we will find an incredible array of chairs designs.  To say the least, some are not practical, let alone comfortable, but many of these chairs undoubtedly become an icon in the design industry.

  1. Barcelona™ Chair, 1929, Mies van der Rohe & Lilly Reich
  2. Wassily™ Chair, 1925, Marcel Breuer
  3. Zig Zag™ Chair 1932-1934, Gerrit Thomas Rietveld
  4. LCW™, 1945, Charles and Ray Eames
  5. Eames™ Lounge Chair, 1956, Charles and Ray Eames
  6. Panton™ Chair, 1968-1999, Verner Panton
  7. Paimio™ Lounge Chair, 1930-1931, Alvar Aalto

Today, the chair is not only used as a functional piece of furniture, but also as a statement of our taste.  Could a piece of furniture actually grasp our true essence?  Why not!   We express ourselves in what we wear, what we drive, our shoes, and even in our homes.  What better but to express our personality in a chair! We love it!!!


Bracelet Chair
by Barbara Barry
Ivory Paint and Burnished Walnut
   Width: 28 1/2 Inches
   Height: 35 Inches
   Depth: 30 Inches

Luis XVI Armchair
by Gaston Y Daniela
  Width: 75 cm
   Height: 91 cm
   Depth: 83 cm

by Fritz Hansen
Saarinen Womb Chair
by Knoll
Steel rod with polished chrome finish    
Width: 40 Inches
   Height: 34 Inches
   Depth: 35-1/2 Inches

Smoke Chair
by Moooi
Width: 29.5 Inches
   Height: 40.9 Inches
   Depth: 31.5 Inches

Other great examples of accent chairs :)

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