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   In many instances, renovations occur due to an unfortunate circumstance that is out of an owners control.  From leaky foundations to floods and fires, they can all disrupt any business or resident by putting many in a stressful and costly situation.

  For Brian Cloosterman of RX Eyewear, what was supposed to be an improvement to the building roof turned into a devastating fire that ultimately affected his shop with a massive flood.  

 Brian started in the optical industry immediately out of high school and opened his own business 15 years ago.  2 years after starting his eyewear shop, he relocated to James Bay where it has been currently located for the last 13 years.

BEFORE - Exterior 

 BEFORE - Interior

  BEFORE - Interior

 BEFORE - Interior

   Immediately after the devastating flood, Brian and his crew began the deconstruction process with the removal of all the water damaged materials.  With contracting help from Downs Construction, who offer full service insurance restorations, the Optical Eyewear shop in James Bay slowly transformed into the new and improved RX Eyewear.

Brian explains that he was "personally involved in much of the renovation process, often hands-on".   For business owners like Brian to put in so much dedication and hard work during a difficult time of transition, only shows us truly how much his heart and soul goes into maintaining a great business.  

 Jenny Martin Design teamed up with Brian and Down Construction to develop the new look for RX Eyewear.   Brian's personal style of modern minimalism and tech savvy is evident in some of the finishes. 

 "It was great working with you! You really help me come to a clear concise decision on my remodelling choices/options.  The colours, design and decor came together very nice, I have customers complimenting the store every day!"
Brian  -  RX Eyewear owner 

  To keep an open and airy feel, we maintained a light palette with sleek darker accents.  The shiny metallic finishes and contemporary textures add a visual break to what would have been a completely neutral palette.  Off-white large scale tiles and a variation of warm lighting help create a pleasant atmosphere that is bright and inviting.  In keeping with this neutral palette but minimal style, we are sure it will be a timeless look for many years to come!

  Be sure to visit RX Eyewear for your next prescription or checkup!

147 Menzies Street 
Tel. 250.385.5530
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Toll Free 1.866.386.7979

Tue - Fri   10am - 5pm
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