Thursday, March 28, 2013

JMD Loves... Zoe Pawlak, Artist Extraordinaire!

Our good friends over at Angela Robinson Interior Design have been gushing to us about Zoe Pawlak for a while now. They commissioned her to create this gorgeous custom piece of art for a residence in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver, BC. We love how this piece provides the space with all the colour it needs! The scale of it is fantastic too; it would have been easy to request a piece that was smaller that fit right above the headboard. That's why we love Angela's work - unexpected, original and perfectly executed!

Photo courtesy of Angela Robinson Interior Design

Zoe Pawlak does not stop at being simply a much sought-after artist. She is also a curator, speaker, and consultant. Her work has begun to make appearances in The Cross - which is one of our favourite stores to visit while in Vancouver.

There's lots to love about Zoe's work. We were first drawn in by her expressive use of colour! Her paintings have a certain softness to them, but can also have strong blues, fuchsias, and yellows.

Heaven Hold On II
Oil on Panel
28 x 84

There is a range in style to her work, too; landscapes, abstracts, figuratives, and florals. She is an artist with great range. She does many commissions, so anything is possible, really.

You Were Always There
Oil on Canvas
48 x 48

Rest Upon These Bones
17" x 24"
Mixed media on mylar

Beyond the art and million other things that Zoe does with her time (sleep? probably not), she is the co-owner of Loaded Bow, which is a networking group for female entrepreneurs from any industry. They host private events and gatherings, and help to grow and support women in business, which is invaluable. If we lived in Vancouver, we'd be at every event.

Pursuit of You
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20

A Field of This
Oil on Canvas
36 x 48

In summary, Zoe is our new art obsession! We were lucky enough to meet her in Vancouver a couple of weekends ago, and she is as warm and inviting as her work! If you are looking for that perfect piece of art to finish off your space, we found your artist! Go find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get a glimpse into pieces she is currently working on.

Last, but certainly not least, our favourite Zoe Pawlak piece.... 

Show Me with Your Eyes
Oil on Canvas
36 x 48

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